Gilroy Blue and Gold Luncheon Event

a collage of several heros from our Gilroy California community posing for a photo after receiving awards
Dear Friends and Supporters,
On behalf of the entire club, I want to thank everyone who joined us at the Gilroy Blue and Gold Luncheon Event. We were privileged to host esteemed guests, including representatives from the Gilroy Police & Fire Departments, Morgan Hill Police, CAL Fire, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol, a local veteran, and our winner of The Book of Golden Deeds Award. Your presence made the luncheon truly special and successful.
Blue and Gold Awardees:
Gilroy Fire Department: Fire Captain Greg Lopez, newly promoted to Division Chief
California Department of Forestry-CAL FIRE: Monica Travens
Santa Clara County Sheriff: Deputy Benjamin Bunal
California Highway Patrol: Officer Fulton Bowen, Officer Timothy Mahanay, Officer Joseph Silveria, Officer Marco Ruiz, Officer Armando Perez
Gilroy Police Department: Detective Rick Jenkins
Morgan Hill Police Department: Corporal Ryan Warren, Detective Adrain Sapien
Korean War Veteran: Edward Sanchez
The Book of Golden Deeds Award:
The Book of Golden Deeds Award, an esteemed tradition within the National Exchange Club, honors volunteers who dedicate countless hours to improving their communities. Presenting this award to a fellow citizen is a heartwarming gesture that celebrates the recipient’s contributions and inspires the entire Exchange Club.
The Book of Golden Deeds Winners: Evelia Rosso and Jaime Rosso
A special thanks go out to our volunteers and everyone who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this event a true success. Your dedication and hard work do not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated.
Once again, thank you for coming and for being a part of the Gilroy Blue and Gold family. We look forward to seeing you at future events!
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