Gold Donation from R.A.C. Services LLC

Gold Donation from R.A.C. Services LLC

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to R.A.C. Services LLC for their generous donation to the Gilroy Exchange Club.  R.A.C. Services owner and co-founder Raul Tovar worked for decades providing property management and highly specialized rack-and-stack data center services for the top tech firms in Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, his wife, Christina Tovar, gained extensive experience working in corporate finance and earned both Certified Public Accountant and Master of Accountancy degrees.

In 2016, seeing an opportunity to build on their strong reputations and combined expertise—and to work together running their own family business—they formed R.A.C. Services, LLC (with “R.A.C.” standing for “Raul And Christina”). Christina currently serves as Chief Executive Officer, and Raul is the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

To learn more about R.A.C. Services please contact us today.

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