Thank You for Making Our Wine Down Wednesday a Success!

Thank You for Making Our Wine Down Wednesday a Success!

🍷 A Toast to Community and Charity 🍷

Dear friends,

We raise our glasses to every one of you who joined us at the Annual Wine Down Wednesday Fundraiser Event. Your presence made this evening truly special, and your generosity will have a lasting impact on our local community.

🌟 Why Wine Down Wednesday Matters 🌟

Wine Down Wednesday isn’t just about sipping wine and enjoying a delightful dinner (although we did plenty of that!). It’s about coming together as a community, celebrating life, and giving back. Here’s why this event matters:

  1. Supporting Local Causes: The funds raised during Wine Down Wednesday go directly back into our community. This year, we’re channeling the proceeds toward Back to School Shopping for local students. Your contributions will ensure that kids start the school year with the confidence they need.
  2. Unity and Connection: As we clinked glasses and shared laughter, we strengthened the bonds that make our community resilient. Wine Down Wednesday is more than an event; it’s a reminder that we’re all in this together.
  3. Inspiration: The Exchange Club’s mission is to inspire positive change. By attending this event, you’ve become part of that mission. Whether it’s supporting families, promoting safety, or championing our country, your presence matters.

🙌 Gratitude and Cheers 🙌

To our sponsors, volunteers, and everyone who purchased tickets or a table: Thank you! Your commitment to our community is inspiring. Together as a community, we raised $10,000 plus last year, and this year promises an even greater impact.  If you did not attend and would love to donate, please click on this link toward Back to School Shopping for local students.

🥂 Until Next Time 🥂

As the sun dipped below the horizon, we clinked our glasses one last time. Here’s to you, our wonderful community. May your hearts be as full as your wine glasses, and may we continue to create positive change together.


The Gilroy Exchange Club

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